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Bills, bills. It seems like I’ve got more every month, and even though I’m pretty good about paying them on time, every now and then I remember to pay a bill the day after it’s due. Automatic bill-pay is not really an option for me, as I don’t really want $300 to be missing from my account because of some computer error at the bank. billQ looks like a great solution to that problem. It keeps track of how much your bills are, who you need to pay, and lets you schedule reminders via email or SMS for 1 week, 4 days, 2 days or 1 day before the bill is due. I’ll definitely be using it to stay on top of things around here.


It makes my brain hurt to think about how much programming this guy had to do to make his website work. You’ve just got to go see it.

My friend Jean from NOTCOT got a Chairbag and has a hands-on review going on over there. I especially love these pictures of it. The one on the bottom left makes it look like she’s kidnapped an alien and stuck it in her trunk. :)

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That’s the ticket for pumping that thing up: a gas-station air pump. Brilliant.

That iFizzle site is crazy. The guy should just go balls out and try to write OS X in flash.

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