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Feed is a lightweight Sci Fi story by M.T. Anderson that tells the story of a few teenagers living in a futuristic society where people’s brains are always connected to a huge corporate-controlled internet. The kids, after a dangerous incident, slowly start to reject the feed and fight against it. The “feed” idea walked a little too close to the Ender’s Game line for me at first, but ended up developing into something more unique. The internal dialog style bears more than a passing resemblance to The Catcher In The Rye and is quite heavy on slang and satire.

I didn’t realize at first that the book was billed as “Young Adult Fiction”, but it definitely is, so if that classification turns you off I’d urge you to ignore it and give it a shot anyway. I really enjoyed how the culture and politics of the future was painted for the audience through little overheard conversations, feed advertisements, or other subtle tidbits.


Filter + Stone Temple Pilots = Army of Anyone. (Thanks, Matt!)

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I really like the music the Deleo brothers put out. I even liked their side project “Talkshow” they did while good ole Scott was in the pokey for Heroine abuse.

Weiland’s stuff was always all over the place with his stuff, and the Deleo brothers were always kinda steady, kinda like Filter was always steady. So I’m ready to see what Army of Anyone produces.

If anything it will give me more Robert Deleo bass lines to try to master.

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