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by Richa

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It’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited about something. So here’s the story: a few weeks ago, I moved in with some friends. As all good roommates do, we’re trying to be conscientious about shared expenses by taking turns buying the groceries and supplies and keeping track of expenses on a mini-whiteboard we’ve got attached to the refrigerator. However, it’s only been a short while, and we’re already up to our necks in questions of numbers and who owes whom how much. The whiteboard, alas, is just not big enough. A few days ago, though, my roommate Matt found the answer to our problem:, an online debt board that lets you form groups with your housemates (or whomever you share expenses with), and log expenses and debt settlements. What’s more, you can log in any time and access a full accounting of what you owe and to whom (or vice versa), and a detailed list of expenses. Crescent fresh, man.


PS – I’m back! Hoo-ah.

ed: Wait, did anyone know there’s going to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie next year?

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5 Responses to “ROCK.”

  1. Aneil Weber Says:

    You and your roomates should check out a few other services too:

    I reviewed both of them here:

    and here:

    Hope that gives you guys more options :-)

  2. Kat Says:

    Wow, I had just signed up for which is similar, but now I gotta check this one out!

  3. Michael Haydel Says:

    Oh man, I *know* you didn’t just say crescent fresh. I know like 3 other people that would even get that. Sifl and Olly? The best kept (and now defunct) secret of MTV. Rock.

  4. Chris Coyier Says:

    It made me hungry. Oh wait, that’s fresh croissants =)

  5. Richa Avasthi Says:

    Like Chester, I did indeed say crescent fresh. It was a test to see if any FA readers were among the ranks of the initiated. And it looks like one, at least, is. I’m among a small pocket of people (my college friends) who used to watch S & O on late-night MTV (when I should have been doing homework), and we are always reminiscing about it. Or singing “Llama School”.

    True story: a couple of my friends who had never heard of S & O got a used cell phone a couple of years ago. You know how you can change the message the phone displays at power-on? Well, their phone’s start-up message was “Crescent fresh” when they got it, and they had no idea what it meant until they were hanging out with us one day and one of us happened to say it. Woo!