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Swiss Spice.

by Richard

Man, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Swiss Spice is a combination salt and pepper shaker that goes anywhere you go. It’s water-resistant, humidity-proof, refillable and hols 20g of salt and 6g of pepper. Even though it might look a little complex for a salt & pepper shaker, I’ve been assured that it can even be used one-handed. It’s $28… but hey, it’s imported from Switzerland! I’m definitely going to get my girlfriend one of these, as she is both a believer in salt & pepper and a salt & pepper shaker collector.


Nooooo! It’s a headless gymnast!

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4 Responses to “Swiss Spice.”

  1. Taylor Says:

    Totally perfect for camping!

  2. Matt Says:

    Whatever you do, don’t get salt in your eye.

    I hope someone besides me knows what the heck I’m referencing.

  3. michael Says:

    Matt – bwahhahahaha! … oh man just one of the funniest KITH sketches ever! Had to share that you are not alone my friend; thanks for the good laugh today!

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