The Bionic Wrench.

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I put a bike trainer together tonight so I can ride my bike and get some exercise without actually going for a ride. I knew beforehand that it had one nut that i’d have to tighten. Figuring that my power drill, an adapter and one of the sockets that I have for my ratchet would do just fine at getting the job done, I didn’t grab any extra tools. Of course, as it turned out, my largest socket was just a few millimeters smaller than the nut I had to tighten. I found myself wishing for a universal wrench that would work no matter what size nut I had to tighten, and remembered the Bionic Wrench. The cool thing about this particular wrench is that it grips the nut/bolt on all sides at the same time, which virtually eliminates stripping, allows you to remove stripped nuts/bolts and use less force to get the job done. It’s available for $25.99 or $29.99, depending on which size you get, and between the two sizes, you can tackle just about any nut or bolt you come across.


This is crazy. Someone knit a sweater for a tree, and then wrote a blog about it. (via chelsey)

The giveaway ends today! If you haven’t entered yet and would like to, this is your last chance. Go go go!

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