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As much as we’d all love to deck our our homes with beautiful original paintings, all but the richest of us could possibly afford such an endeavor. A nicely framed print is the next best thing. Fortunately, the web is teeming with with some fantastic places to indulge:

Jeff Soto: a few fantastically weird screen prints and and lithos
Nucleus: gallery with quite a few inexpensive prints
Gregory Euclide: 3 high quality limited edition giclee prints
Art Star: Philedelphia gallery with many figure and animal prints
Outre Gallery: a selection of prints from a variety of artists
Glenn Barr: the intense diptych Avenjah and Destroyah
Stella Im Hultberg: some very stylized and sublime figure prints

Mostly discovered through the fantastic we*heart*prints.

Contest winners will be announced tomorrow!

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