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by Richard

Not everyone’s into skateboarding, I know, but we can all agree that it’s a pretty cool sport, and this is too nice to pass up. BoardPusher allows you to make a customized skateboard with pretty much whatever text or images you’d like to put on it. I’ve heard it described recently as “CafePress for skateboards”. This would make a great gift for all sorts of occasions, even if the receiver doesn’t skateboard, because they look so good! They’re made of 100% Canadian Maple, with 7-ply lightweight construction, high and medium concaves and come in 6 different shapes. If you’re not feeling too creative, you can browse the featured shops for some high quality, pre-made designs.


The contest winners are as follows:

Jay H – Core Cases Nano Case #1
Michael Haydel – Core Cases Nano Case #2
Kyle Black – Core Cases Aluminum PSP Hard Case
Melissa Hebert – Method Hand Wash

If your name is up there, send an email to tips (at) fresharrival (dot) com with your address, and you’ll get a gift! :)

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