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I so want one of these. I find myself flipping my pillow a couple of times at night to stay comfortable and it’s definitely gotten pretty old. The Chillow is one of the simplest products I’ve ever seen (all you’ve got to do is fill it with water once and it keeps your pillow cool forever). It would probably be pretty useful when the power goes out and you’ve got to sleep with no AC as well (I did that for days last hurricane season). It’s $29.95 at the the Discovery Store. Here’s to comfortable sleeping.


ishopindie is a cool place I’ve found recently that’s all about handmade, independently made goods. There’s great stuff in there.

TruScene is a nifty product that made the rounds today. Basically it’s a video camera that records everything going on in front of your car and inthe event of an accident, it saves the 30 seconds before the accident. Now you’ll find out that it was your best friend who dinged your car and drove away :)

xkcd is a hilarious webcomic I discovered yesterday thanks to Cameron D.

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I had a Chillow. If anything they work too well. I’d wake up in the middle of the night with half my face frozen. Plus, after a month or two, it mildewed and started leaking. Not so pleasant.

Sounds like you could’ve fixed the first problem with a thicker pillowase :) As for the second, I haven’t had any personal experience with a Chillow, so all I can go by are the ratings and reviews, and they’re generally good.. so I don’t know…

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