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During the contest, we were asked to make a post about the podcasts we like. I tend to watch video podcasts, and Chris mostly goes the audio-only route, so i’m going to list my favorite video podcasts and Chris will list his favorite audio ones.

Ctrl+Alt+Chicken: Alex Albrecht and Heather Stewart have made a hilarious cooking show out of not knowing how to cook at all. I’ve been telling my girlfriend that we needed to watch them together, and we finally had time to watch one at the same time a few days back. She loved it.

Diggnation: Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose review their favorite top stories from Digg.com every week, while drinking beer and sometimes getting totally wasted on camera.

GeekBrief.TV: Cali Lewis (Luria Petrucci) delivers the latest in tech & gadget news

MacBreak: Leo Laporte, Amber Mac, Alex Lindsay, and Emery Wells show you how to do all sorts of cool things with your Mac. I love that it’s shot in 1080p hi-def, which looks brilliant on my MacBook Pro.

Rocketboom: I used to love this show, but since the fiasco it’s hit or miss, depending on what day it is. I’ll probably unsubscribe as soon as Amanda Congdon (the ex-host) comes out with a new show.

the show with zefrank: Just watch. He is crazy.

X-Play: Video game reviews.

The Daily Nut: Funny & stupid videos from all over the internet.

I used to go a little crazy with the podcasts. I had about 30 or 40 subscriptions and listened to a good 75% of it. Then I just burned out a bit I guess. It’s like RSS feeds, they are great, but it’s almost too easy and you can get swallowed up by it all. Then I busted my iPod, so that didn’t help matters. But then, I got an email from IT at work saying we aren’t allowed to download with iTunes anymore for fear of viruses, so now I download more than ever out of spite. Here are my favorites:

Buzz Out Loud: CNet’s daily podcast of indeterminate length. Funny, timely, and features Tom Merrit, the master of the segue.

Inside The Net: Amber MacArthur interviews the rock stars of the internet.

Security Now: Steve Gibson explains some particular aspect of computer security. The shows are very informative and detailed, but don’t leave you behind with lingo. Check out the series How The Internet Works and the series on Cryptography.

The Onion Radio News: Daily report from Onion Correspondant Doyle Redland. Hilarious.

Others: The rest of the TWiT shows, Podictionary, The Official LOST Podcast, The Tech Guy on KFI, MacCast, IT Conversations.

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What kind of virus are they worried about? I haven’t heard of any from ITunes, and I doubt that Apple is dumb enough to let that happen. Either way I do similar stuff. I use portable Firefox at work simply because I am not supposed to. :)

I can’t tell if they are actually worried about viruses, if it’s really a bandwidth thing, or if it’s just an elaborate excuse to get people to not being screwing around with iTunes at work. I can tell you this, if a virus does pop up for OS X, it’s certainly not going to come from a podcast delivered through Apple’s iTunes.

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