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Everyone likes to take pictures of something, but what do you do with your pictures after you’ve taken them? Get prints made, put them on Flickr, put them in photo albums, but that’s about it. Photojojo shows you how to do so much more with your photos. It’s a twice-a-week newsletter that you can get delivered either via RSS or email, and it shows you how to do all sorts of nifty things, like making postcards from your pictures, constructing your own wide-angle lens and more! They also review new equipment you can buy to help out with your photography sessions. A couple of my favorite posts so far: Photo blocks, how to cut a mat, and the Lensbaby, which would be a FreshArrival post all on its own if Photojojo hadn’t gotten to it first!


Someone made a cake totally out of meat, complete with mashed potato frosting and gravy filling. I guess this means you really can find anything on the internet.

Oh, and if someone would like an invite to Vox, I’ve got 4. Just email me at tips (at)

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