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If the old saying is true that opposites attract, then invariably someone who needs to fall asleep with the radio on will share a bed with a partner who demands complete quiet. What do you do? Invest in a good set of earplugs? Sleep in separate bedrooms? Resign yourself to stumbling through your day in a constant state of sleep deprivation?

The SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker is the answer. Plug it into the earphone jack of your radio, place it on your pillow, and tuck yourself in. Instantly the crystal-clear sounds of your favorite music or nighttime talk show will fill your ears, even at very low volumes. The soft foam cover means you can lie right on top of it and not feel a thing — try doing that with those hard plastic earbuds!

Don’t worry if you’re a “toss-and-turn” sleeper, either. The durable, flexible cord will stand up to all kinds of abuse, and the foam cover removes for washing.


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