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Tyvek Airmail Wallet

Duct Tape Wallet

The Wallet For People Who Hate Wallets: Jimi Wallet

Slimmy: The World’s Slimmest Wallet

Foldable Stainless Steel Wallet Pen

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I looked into all of these wallets and more and decided on a different one in the end: The Big Skinny.


It’s a slim wallet made of high quality materials that’s durable and thinner than most anything else out there. The designer was actually a winner of M.I.T.’s $50K Entrepreneurship Award.

I’m extremely happy with my decision. And as far as wallet pens go, I actually went with the small but useful silver wallet pen:


It fits perfectly in my Big Skinny.

Nice suggestions fellas. I once knew a brick layer that had a wallet that said Bad Morter Forker on it.

That Big Skinny is pretty neat, I never thought I’d see a wallet website that is so close to being NSFW. =)

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