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by Maribeth

Puppy Purse: Each woman looks like she’s having a grand time, but you can just picture the thought balloon above the dog’s head — “As soon as she unstraps me from this thing, I’m going to eat one of her shoes.”

RFID Purse: I wonder if you can come up with your own shapes.

Hippie Purse: Perfect place to store the love beads and flowers for your hair (if you’re going to San Francisco).

Vibrating Purse: This thing would scare the you-know-what out of me if it went off when it was sitting on my lap.

Bra Purse: Yes, I’m serious. And it’s her mother’s bra, too.

MAN-n-BAG: As if putting it all in caps and tucking in that extra “n” makes a difference. It’s still a purse.

Picture Purse: This would actually make a cool gift.

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