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How do you get children (and children-at-heart) to wash their hands properly, and make it fun at the same time? Use SquidSoap. When the top of the soap dispenser is pushed, it puts a small ink mark on your hand. Then all you have to do is wash your hands until the spot is gone (15-20 seconds, which is the amount of time that most professionals suggest for proper hand-washing). I really love products that are simple but effective, and SquidSoap fits the bill. It even comes with a stretchable squid toy! SquidSoap runs $15.99 for a 4 pack of 8.4 oz soap dispensers and 2 toys.

The 10 best Will Ferrell Skits of all time. Will Ferrell is definitely my favorite SNL cast member ever, and even though I don’t really agree with the order, most of my favorites are in there.

Samuel L. Jackson is Afro Samurai. NSFW due to language at the very end of the trailer.

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