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Alongside the frisbee and T-Shirt in my ValleySchwag Bag this month was a little red measuring tape with a logo for on it. I had never heard of it, but they proport to be “The Best Way To Ship!”

The easiest way to explain it is RedRoller does for shipping packages what Priceline or Hotwire does for traveling. You enter where you are and what you want to send and RedRoller gives you a list of the different companies that will ship it, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. For example, for me to send a package from Madison, WI to Portland, OR that weights 1.5lbs in a Soft Pack will cost me $72.57 to get there tomorrow by 8:30am (FedEx), $36.53 to get there by 10:30am (DHL), or $18.80 to get there by noon (USPS). If I really didn’t care how long it took, I could get it there for $2.21 in a week through the USPS. Curiously absent was UPS – which wasn’t even listed in the “Excluded Services” like Eastern Connection or OvernightExpress.

You can decide on a method, pay for it, print your labels, and arrange for pickup all through your RedRoller account. There is also eBay integration. How very useful. How has this not existed until now?


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