The Hic-Cup.

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If only poor ol’ Charles Osborne had known about the hic-cup, perhaps his 68 year bout of the hiccups could have been cut short. I’ve been known to have hour-long attacks myself, which is outrageously too long and very annoying. For some weird reason, eating raw carrots triggers me.

Maybe I’ll invest in this new invention. The hic-cup bills itself as a scientific innovation that instantly and reliably cures hiccups. Apparently all you do is drink water from the cup and let that metal ball sticking off the rim of the cup rest against your cheek. That’s it. When you drink all the water, your hiccups are gone. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Here is my home remedy: Stop what you are doing, sit down, relax, control your breathing, and then really concentrate on anticipating your next hiccup. Very often, if I focus on anticipating that next hiccup, it never comes. Anyone else have a technique that works for you?

UPDATE: Since posting this, we have gotten quite a large number of spam comments about how amazing the hic-cup and how well it works for their grandmothers. Spamming is an advertising technique we at FreshArrival frown upon and thus are recommending people stay away from this company.


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I thought this Hic-cup had to do with my hiccup remedy, but as I read on it didnt.

My remedy involves plugging up your ears, most easily with your fingers, and slowly drinking water with a few big gulps. Sounds kinda kookie I know, but it has never failed me, and I got a load of other friends started on it, who now swear by it too. Of course, both holding your fingers in your ears and drinking from a cup of water can be difficult without a straw…..at first glance I thought the Hic-cup had a handle for that purpose.

This always works for me…

Hold a cup of water in front of you. Instead of drinking from the side of the cup close to you, bend forward and put your mouth on the far side. Bend some more and slowing raise the bottom of the cup toward you body and drink (you’ll be drinking up-side down). Drink slowly for about 15 seconds.

My sister-in-law grabbed a huge HEAPING spoon full of peanut butter and told me to put the spoon in my mouth UPSIDE DOWN on the roof of my mouth and eat it…..they like dispappered before I was even done eating and think it was cauz my mouth was like stuck together. Tasty too :O)

It’s not particularly pleasant but it’s quick, easy and works every single time: swallow about a half a shot-glass full of straight vinegar. I get the hiccups frequently and have been using this cure for over twenty years and it has never failed me.

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