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Kid in a candy store.

by Maribeth

When I was growing up, every Sunday I got ten cents to spend on candy at the drugstore after church. That may not sound like much, but in those days (when dinosaurs roamed the earth, as my kids tell me) it was enough for a full-size candy bar. Of course, who would want plain old chocolate when you could have … wax lips! Candy cigarettes! Chuckles! Circus peanuts! (Though I never figured out why they were orange but tasted like banana.)

The Old Time Candy Company sells sweet treats from four decades, from the 50s to the 80s. Here’s your chance to try an old favorite that has long since disappeared from the shelves — or that candy you parents always raved about.

You can buy individual candies, choose an assortment by decade, or fill a bag with anything you want. (And in case you’re in a gift-buying mood for FreshArrival writers, I’m partial to Charleston Chews.)


ed: Girl takes picture of herself every day for 3 years.

This is what happens when you prank your coworkers too many times.

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