I’m a geek.

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But I live in Northern California, so I fit right in. One of the things my geek friends and I like to do is play board games. But I’m not talking about Monopoly and MouseTrap. I’m talking about games like TransAmerica, where you try to be the first to build railroad tracks between your assigned cities, and Burn Rate, a card game where you struggle to keep your dot-com startup afloat despite bad business models, sky-high contractor salaries, and mediocre management pools. Sound like fun? They are. And they give you an opportunity to stick it to your closest friends with no hard feelings at the end. Well, almost none. These great games and more are sold at a German-run website called Funagain Games. Speaking of which, I’m overdue for a game purchase.


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I once played a game called Transamerica, only in this game, I was a transexual woman who was forced into reconnecting with my son on a wacky cross-country roadtrip. It was kind of like LIFE, only instead of the goal being rich retirement, it was to convince my hot lesbian therapist to sign papers saying that I was mentally prepared to undergo transgender surgery.

Oh wait, that was a movie. =)

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