Fun Slides.

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These look like so much fun! Have you ever run across the kitchen floor in your good socks, sliding & dancing around? Remember how you could only go so far, because the living room carpet was such a party pooper and stopped your sliding in its tracks? Now you can show that carpet who’s boss with the aptly named Fun Slides… because they’re fun, and you slide with them on. They’re only 20 bucks, and they’ll fit both children and the child in you. Don’t believe me? Watch the video!


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Ok, the number of people who preordered a FA shirt yesterday was downright depressing. Seriously…no one wants a shirt? Do you guys want different colors, different styles of shirts, what? I am sad today. :( Don’t make me beg, please buy a shirt and support FA!

Time to go see some Snakes on a Plane. That is all. P.S. If you’re reading this via a feed or email, you might want to come to the site right now and refresh your browser. :)

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