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Etsy is the internet’s hippest art fair. The concept is one we’ve seen before: people make things, people list things on websites to sell, and other people come and buy those things. Etsy’s execution, however is one of great beauty. You can browse through categories or look through store listings, but that would be like going to Six Flags and only riding the Whizzer. On Etsy you can Browse By Color, which is this really flashy interface where color bubbles follow your mouse around and clicking on them brings up items that are that color.

The interactivity of the site is really innovative. You can grab things and toss them around in a very satisfying manner. I’ve heard the developers of the site are able to do all these neat features because of the nature of what they sell. They say that they have “beautiful data”. I believe that, and I believe their scale has a lot to do with it as well. Searching by color or just perusing the latest posted items on eBay would be nearly useless, as eBay is just too big for that.

I hope Etsy sticks around for a while and I hope that as they grow, they grow with grace. I wonder if we could get them to do something about that name?


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