The Lapinator.

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I received a Lapinator today, and man, is it a great product! I’ve got a MacBook Pro, so I know the meaning of “hot laptop” better than most (which should be expected… it’s running what amounts to 2 processors in a space less than 1 inch high). The Lapinator is a very well constructed solution to that particular problem. It’s a lap desk partially covered in Thinsulate, which absorbs almost 100% of the laptop’s heat before it ever gets to your lap. It includes risers that allow for airflow underneath the laptop, and has a textured surface that securely grips your laptop and doesn’t let it slide around.. it even has a built in strap so that you can get those pesky cables out of the way.

I can personally attest to the fact that the Lapinator definitely works as advertised, and looks great while doing so. It’s very comfortable too, with thick padding underneath. I even got to try out a new attachment for the Lapinator named the Mousitizer, which does pretty much what you’d expect and adds a detachable mousing surface to the side ot the Lapinator. In my experience, it’s been quite stable.

The Lapinator comes in 2 sizes: 13 and 18 inch, at $24.95 and $29.95 respectively. The Mousitizer is $9.99. As for me, I won’t ever sit on the sofa with my laptop without the Lapinator underneath it ever again, and I highly recommend that if you’ve got a laptop that runs hot, you check one out (especially if you’re a guy!)


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