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Evermore is a band of brothers from Australia. Their newest CD, Real Life was released July 8th overseas and hasn’t quite made it to the States yet, but when it does, I suggest you pick it up if you’re into melodic music in the vein of Keane, Radiohead and Coldplay. Evermore proves with this album that a band made up of 3 brothers can actually write songs that have lyrics, not nonsensical non-words (I’m looking right at you, Hanson), with melodies that float through the air and get stuck in your head. Here’s a song from one of their older albums that I really like. You should probably pick those up too :)

It’s Too Late


via the amazingly excellent, and totally free Stranded in Stereo

happy+middle is a group of people who do improv/sketch/parody comedy and are pretty funny.

What a novel idea: A blender that doesn’t sound like an airplane taking off!

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What’s the status of the FA t-shirts? I know I wanted to get one, but I never heard any more after you said that it seemed no one was ordering one.


It doesn’t really look like it’s going to happen right now… We aren’t anywhere near the minimum I need to make the shirts affordable for everyone yet. It just seems like not many people are interested. I honestly expected that we’d at least get to sell a first run of them, seeing that thousands of people read FA everyday… ah well. Preorders were just to express interest and intent to buy a shirt, so if we do get enough people eventually, we’ll let everyone who signed up know.


[…] Hanson, I take it back! I wrote Hanson off early on in their career because of that song that got played everywhere for what seemed like years… Yeah, you know the one… MMMbop. It was actually a good song, but it got played so much that I got burnt out and decided to move on. Hanson is all grown up now. A lot has happened since I last listened to them: they left their major label and started their own, 3CG Records, became husbands, fathers and business partners. This release is their first fully independent one in years, and you can definitely tell that they spent a lot of time getting these songs right. I can’t find a bad song on this disc! It is definitely their best yet. Zac even steps out from behind the drum kit and sings lead on a couple of songs in there. I think I’ll be going back and listening to their older stuff again now :) […]

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