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The Doorganizer aims to solve one of life’s simplest, but most aggravating problems: leaving things behind when you run out the door. It’s self described as “a hanging reminder and organizer for the doorknob. Ideal for keys, eyeglasses, cell phones, palm-held devices, music players, even envelopes or newspapers fit into the strip at the back!”

If I tried to write a whole post about it, it would be overkill. The Doorganizer is just that simple.


I’ve been using OpenDNS for the past week or so at home, and I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in website loading speeds. What I like most about it, though is the fact that it spell checks your website addresses for you (if you type in, it will take you to, instead of an error page), and protects you from phishing attacks (where people try to get your personal info by impersonating a real website). Basically, OpenDNS makes your internet connection faster and more secure. It’s quite simple to set up, and simple to undo, so I recommend that you give it a shot, and if it doesn’t help you, you can just undo the changes.

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