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Soup and Sandwich Plate.

by Richard

Sometimes you’ve just got to have soup and a sandwich, and what better plate to eat it on then the Soup and Sandwich Plate? It’s got compartments for your soup bowl (included) and your sandwich. It’s not that wimpy plastic, of course… it’s ceramic. That means that it can be used in the microwave, dishwasher and oven (although I don’t really know why you’d put soup and a sandwich in the oven). Sweet.


Everybody needs a little ninja in their life.

There’s some good futuristic wallpaper here.

If you like good, loud music: it’s Tooth & Nail / Solid State new music week.

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One Response to “Soup and Sandwich Plate.”

  1. Reese Says:

    What’s the deal with posting stuff thats sold out? :O

    I have a set of soup and sandwich plates, circa 1974.