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Yesterday I received my invite to HiveLive, a new social website with a twist: Hives! (hence the name.) Hives are, simply put: groups of information. You can have any number of hives, anything can be added to your hives, and they can be shared with anyone. This opens up all sorts of possibilities, like sharing recipes with friends, to-do lists, notes, your music collection…and much more. You can make your hives public or private, and people can add comments to just about anything you post. Their design borrows heavily from Basecamp, but I’ll forgive that: They are in a semi-closed beta, you know! There are a ton of social/sharing/community sites out there, but HiveLive is unique in the fact that they don’t constrain themselves to one particular topic or type of information. HiveLive is more of a tool that can be whatever you’d like it to be.

If you’d like in on the action, click here!


Cube Fabulous: We’ve made over people, houses, rooms, and pimped rides. Now it’s time for cubicle makeovers.

This is definitely the funniest thing you will read all week. You’re welcome. :)

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Haha! I was wondering what happend to the Hamburgler! I guess he was sacked and came back for one last burgerling.

(“burgerling” copyright Kyle)

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