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I was sitting at a bar with a friend of mine the other day and were talking about all the social networking sites out there and how many people are using them and how everyone has their picture on there. Wouldn’t it be cool, we thought, if the site could analyze the pictures of everyone and could show you other people that look like you? To under-exaggerate things, this is a bit outside of my programming skills, and besides, is already being squatted on.

As it happens, facial recognition is already a happening thing on the web. is offering this service and it works pretty well. What’s more, they have a cool new service called Find The Celebrity In You. All you do is upload a picture of yourself and My Heritage will do it’s thing and show you a bunch of celebrities you look like and how closely you match up. Fun fun.


ed: Wow, a version of “Hey Ya” that doesn’t annoy me! It’s actually pretty darn good. Very good, in fact.
via Kraki.
+130,000 points for Kraki for having the FreshArrival button in the sidebar of (i assume) his website! Nice.

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