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Eva Solo CafeSolo.

by Chelsey

I love the design of this carafe-shaped coffee brewer. I also love that it comes with its own “knit sweater,” which I know is little more than a modernized tea cozy, but still – from time to time a little anthropomorphizing does a body good. My husband is devoted to his cheap, French press coffee maker, but he isn’t a fan of the inevitable sludge at the bottom of his second cup. I haven’t tried this little beauty, but I can’t help but wonder if it might do a better job of straining the grinds. Apparently you just add hot water to coffee, stir, wait and pour. Simple, sleek and possibly sludge-free. MORE INFO A beautiful, hand-held, vacuum? Yes! ed: SMITH is a very well produced online magazine I've found recently that lets people publish their own stories to share with the world. It can't really be defined, I think you just need to check it out for yourself...there's a ton of good stuff in there. Everyone, meet Chelsey, the newest FA writer! BTW: Soon, there'll be a bio page so that you can find out more about all the people behind the site. Sweet!

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