Method Microfiber Cloths.

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I’ve been checking out Method’s newest product: microfiber cloths for awhile now, and I’d say they’re very effective cleaning tools that work just the way they should. There are 4 different types available: glass, wood, stainless steel and granite. Each has a specific texture and specific properties depending on the job at hand. For instance, the wood cloth is electrostatically charged to attract dirt, which is quite handy when dusting, while the glass cloth leaves only enough solution on the cleaned surface to do its job, and dries almost instantly.

Method’s attention to detail shines here, as each cloth matches the color of the material that it is meant to be used with, and includes an embroidered logo that lets you easily identify the cloth if it gets mixed in with your clothes in the wash (yeah, they’re machine washable too!)

Of course, Method has a special cleaning solution that works best with each cloth, but you can use anything you’d like with them. They’re a great alternative and more environmentally friendly alternative to paper-based cleaning materials, and are only $5 each.


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thanks for the post. we love these microfibers for another reason too – great for people with allergies. since microfiber holds dirt and water so much better than typical cotton rags, you can clean, dust and wipe with less dust swirling about in the air. more dirt on the cloth!

let us know what you think of them.

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