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by Richard

Stefy is a new brand of electro-pop-rock musicians that bring a very unique sound to the table, while paying homage to the music that went before them. Stefy’s lyrics are about relationships… the real kind, though, not the fake stereotypes and made-up stories that fill popular musc today; these are from the heart. Filled with crazy soundscapes featuring a lot of synth, keys, catchy beats and a ton of energy, they really make you want to get up and dance.

Here’s a track from their debut CD, “The Orange Album”, available on iTunes and record stores right now.



My thoughts exactly, after watching the trailer for Zach Braff’s new movie.

If you’ve got a Nintendo DS and some free time, check out these very well designed dsicons (via airbag)

Stupidiotic is a site that sells silly things.

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