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cordgo is a very very simply designed product (it only has 3 pieces, only 2 of which actually come apart) that solves a very focused problem: tangled headphone cords that get in your way. It clips to your belt, bag or whatever else you feel like clipping it onto and is small enough to go in your pocket.

cordgo couldn’t be easier to use either: just push down on the clip until the front and back come apart, then insert your headphone cables, snap back together and wind. I definitely plan on taking this along on my next flight. They’re available for a minimum purchase of $10 (right now it’s buy one get one free, so they’re $5 each).


I just picked up the new John Mayer CD today and it is AMAZING. Say what you will about his earlier stuff, but this new album is great.

Man, Apple is really on their game these days: New iPod nanos and shuffles, updated full-size iPods, movie downloads, and an all new device they’ve code-named iTV. I’m highly interested in hooking one of these up to my projector as soon as they’re available.

Also, we’re giving away some IZZE!

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I’ve just orderd my cordgo. I’ve had problems with keeping my Shure headphones in order while working-out (mountain biking in my case). This should do the trick.

The smartwrap Reese mentions above is interesting, however, I like the clip feature and the fact that the cord is rolled-up. In my case the cordgo is the better choice! (and I don’t care about the color – functionality is what it’s all about!)

[…] If you listen to an MP3 player away from your car or your home, you use earphones. Bluetooth hasn’t made it’s way onto most popular players yet (although it is on some) so chances are, those earphones have cords. You could have some nice earbuds with well-managed cords, but still, all that wire-flopping is terribly annoying, especially if you are doing something like running or mowing the lawn. […]

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