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It always pays to be careful with your personal information. People generally have enough common sense to be careful with their credit cards and social security number, but what about your phone number? After all, half the reason you have a phone is so that people can call you. I’d like to have my phone number right on here so that all you readers could call us up and tell us what a great job we are doing. It’s (608)-22… wait. God knows what would happen if I did that. I’m sure some not-so-friendly web-bots would pick it up, I’d probably get some pranks, and who knows, someone could probably find my home address from it if they tried hard enough and they would come steal all my gadgets.

Jangl thinks they have a better way. Instead of giving out your phone number, give out your Jangl ID. People can then go to the Jangl site, enter in your ID as well as their own phone number, and after authentication both parties will get new unique phone numbers that get routed to each others real phone numbers. Caller ID will only show the new phone number, and will always be the same so you can enter it in your address book like you would any other number. You are protected, because neither party ever sees the real phone number and either party can cancel the new numbers at any time.


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