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Stock Photography.

by Chris Coyier


The occasion has arisen for all of us when we really need just the right photograph for some kind of project. Novices might turn to Google Image Search, unaware that the results will a) be small b) be low resolution and c) suck. Even though Google is trying to make it better, there are some WAY better alternatives:

iStockPhoto: Tons of great photographs (and video) that you pay for in credits (a dollar a credit). From one credit for a small image to up to 40 credits for extra extra large. Also opportunities to sell your own photographs.

Liquid Library: A subscription based service that goes beyond online downloads by mailing you CD’s full of images each month as well as a magazine.

stock.xchng: Requires registration, but totally free and loaded with good stuff.

Creative Commons Flickr Search: My Favorite! Flickr is absolutely loaded with great photos and this search page will find ones for you that are legal for (even commerical) use.

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4 Responses to “Stock Photography.”

  1. Kyle Says:

    The HTML’s messed up on the picture =\

  2. YAChris Says:

    You might also check out and — they’re both good, free stock photo places.

  3. Chris Coyier Says:

    Nice! I hadn’t seen those two before and when it comes to looking for the perfect photo, the more sources you have the better.

    And the picture is fixed, thanks.

  4. Kenneth Says:

    Another great one is It’s sorta free. You get 3 free downloads a day, and you can pay for more if you need them.