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Most of us probably read a few novels-worth of text a week between all our emails, blogs, news, and RSS feeds. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could fit in some time to actually read a real novel? Well now you can, and without changing any of your normal habits. A brand new service called DailyLit delivers small parts of big books to your inbox every day for your reading pleasure. All you do is choose a book (there are hundreds available), enter your email and how often you wish to receive the emails, and you start getting “parts” emailed to you. If you get hungry for more right away, no problem! At the bottom of each email there’s a link to have the next part of the book sent to you at once. For books like War and Peace, which would take the better part of two years to finish reading one part a day, this is a nice feature.

Did you know that an irritable general will launch his men to besiege a walled city and that the result will be one-third of his men will be slain and the city will remain untaken? Thanks to part 3 of 17 in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, I do.

DailyLit is simple, elegant, and completely free.


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Know ones’ self and ones’ enemy,
A general who only knows his enemy will be victorious two thirds of the time, and a general who only knows himself will be victorious two thirds of the time, but a general who understands both himself and his enemy will never lose on the field of battle.

Or something like that….it’s been a while since I’ve read it. The quote is off, but the idea is right.

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