Flickr Minicards.

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This past Sunday, we linked to a company that printed photo-cards for a good price. Apparently this idea is getting popular, because today we have a brand new service that is even cooler.

Flickr MiniCards is a new service from Moo that helps bring together your Flickr life and your real life. Like so many beautiful new “web 2.0” sites, it’s very easy:

  1. Choose your photos from your Flickr account
  2. Crop them to the MiniCard size
  3. Personalize the back of them
  4. Checkout

You get 100 cards, all different, all for $19.99. Shipping is even free! If any of you are Pro users of Flickr, hop on over there right away, because the first 10,000 Pro users get a pack of 10 for free! I’ve always wanted a Pro flickr account and I think this might be the little push I need.


Last day for the IZZE giveaway!

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