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The HitchSafe is an amazingly good solution to the problem that many of us have had at one time or another: losing our car keys. Normally you’d hide a spare key on the automobile somewhere with a magnetic key holder, but if you hit one good bump you’ve lost your key, and you probably won’t notice until you really need it. You could give an extra key to your significant other, but what if they’re 5 states away on the one weekend that you lock yourself out of your car (that actually happened to me, the one time I’ve ever locked myself out!) If you drive a pickup truck with a trailer hitch built-in, you’re in luck. HitchSafe uses that already hardened, hardly used metal cylinder to your advantage and lets you lock your keys or other valuables in it, easily accessible with a 4 digit code. It even comes with a cover so you don’t draw any undue attention to your hitch and so that the combination lock stays clean. The HitchSafe even has enough clearance for 2 credit cards.

HitchSafe was kind enough to send us one to check out, and so I went out and installed it on the truck today. It was amazingly simple to install. The complete installation instructions, including a 3D diagram all were able to fit on a space about the size of an index card. All I had to do was take the HitchSafe drawer out, pull out the 2 retaining pins , slide the HitchSafe into the hitch receiver, line up the 2 holes and then do the reverse. I installed it so fast that I was surprised when I was done. I mean, it took me 2 minutes, tops. It’s even easier to set the combination.

The HitchSafe is normally $69.95, but if you’d like to get one, HitchSafe is graciously offering all FA readers 20% off anything purchased on the site (not just the HitchSafe). That would bring the price closer to $55. It’s good for only one purchase, the offer expires 10-15-06, and the coupon code is: fresharrival, all in lower case in the checkout discount coupon field. Each shipment will also come with 10 brochures to give your friends and family who might benefit from something like the HitchSafe. Awesome!


P.S. Jeff Miller, you’ll be receiving 2 packs of IZZE very soon, straight from IZZE themselves!

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