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Keychain pens. They’re pretty simple, just tiny pens that fit on your keychain, right? Not so with the Inka Titanium. From the moment I got it, I could tell that a ton of thought went into the design /development of the pen. Even the packaging is well thought out. The Inka comes in a package that looks a lot like the blister packaging that most new gadgets come in these days, and which we all hate because they’re near impossible to open. I was happy to discover that it was actually only friction-sealed and came apart with a slight pull.

In this world of iPod cases, screen protectors, and other products made to protect new gadgets that aren’t very durable, the Inka Titanium is a welcome change. I’m definitely not worried about tossing this into my pocket on my keychain, because I know that it will stand up to whatever abuse I throw at it (I tend to throw my keys everywhere). I’ve used it several times just this weekend, in cases where I wished I had something to write with at a moment’s notice, then realized that I did! It’s been thrown around, dropped, bounced around in a pocket with about 10 keys, and isn’t even showing a scratch.

The Inka also writes underwater, upside down, in any temperature and at any altitude. It also includes a stylus tip for those of us who keep misplacing our PDA styluses. The Inka quickly comes apart to offer a quick-use pen, but it even screws into itself to become a full sized pen for more comfortable, lengthier writing. I feel like a secret agent everytime I put it together!

The Special Titanium Edition Inka pen is $89.95, but there is also a less expensive, aluminum version of the pen that’s $25. Refills for either one are only $4 each.


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