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Dash, a company who has been boldly claiming that they will do for driving what the TV did for entertainment and the cell phone did for communication, has “let the cat out of the bag” with details about their new product. As was widely guessed, it’s a navigation/GPS device for your car. Is it that much different from other navigation/GPS devices for your car? Actually yes, it is.

Dash is the first wireless internet-connected navigation device with “two-way connectivity”, meaning that it downloads up-to-date map information as well as (anonymously) reports back traffic information from other drivers. The traffic information is analyzed, distributed, and used by your Dash to provide you with the best routes to your destination. Another feature allows you to send locations to your Dash from any computer, so there is no tedious typing in of addresses on the unit. However, I’m sure you can type them in if you need to. There is also a Destination Search feature which allows you to type in products and have Dash show locations near you, or near your driving destination, which have those products. Here is how they explain it:

You’re hungry and in downtown San Diego. Type in “fajitas” and Dash will give you a listing of nearby restaurants, all serving fajitas—even if “fajitas” isn’t in the name. Hit GO and Dash Express will direct you there. Hunger crisis averted.

This all sounds very amazing. Dash is taking orders to reserve units for people, just email them. We are going to try to get our hands on one as soon as we can for a proper review (crossing fingers).


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