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GrandCentral is a new web app that seems quite cool and very useful. It allows you to have one phone number that rings all of your phones, or just some of them depending on who is calling. GrandCentral also allows you to block calls automatically, record custom voicemail messages for different people, and more! Some of these features aren’t new… for instance, I’ve been using GotVoice for awhile now to get my voicemail online, and I know of more than one website that lets you screen your cell phone voicemail. The cool thing about GrandCentral is that all of these features are integrated into one service, with only one phone number to remember.

GrandCentral’s phone number selection process might not work out too well, because they only support certain area codes right now (there weren’t any phone numbers available in my entire state, but I’m sure they’re working on it.) Even so, everyone has a cell phone, so who pays extra for long-distance calls anyway?

There’s a free version that gives you 100 minutes to work with, and a $14.99 plan which gives you unlimited minutes. Good stuff.


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