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If you’ve ever been in an Apple store, you’ve probably seen these. Chances are, though, you didn’t give them a second glance. Recently, though I am the satisfied owner of a pair of fancy over-the-ear sealed headphones as well as an excellent pair of active noise-cancelling headphones, I wanted to get a pair of earbud headphones that would give a better sound quality and bass response than the frankly inferior earbuds that shipped with my 4th gen iPod. On the recommendations of friends and colleagues, then, I got these Etymotic Research 6i isolator in-ear headphones. What’s so special about these? Well, they double as earplugs, so they block out external sound as well as delivering high-fidelity sound into your ears. Moreover, they block out sound much better than active noise cancelling headphones. Why? Because noise-cancelling headphones block out white noise such as plane engine hum, with the result of making things like voices, etc. clearer. Anyone who has been on a plane with a screaming child will know that this is not a desired result. The ER-6is, however, block out all external sound, making them worth their weight and more in gold.

A tip: don’t buy them from the Apple store, as they charge retail price. Buy from Amazon, which is selling them for almost half the price.

ed: Joe Mathlete Explains Today’s Marmaduke. This is too freaking funny. via Chris Glass.

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I have a pair of Shure E4Cs, which I love. Little on the expensive side, but the sound quality is glorious, if a little bit bright. eBay’s a good bet if you want a pair, or any number of audiophile forums.

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