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I’ve been checking out a couple of products from Marware for a little while now: namely the MacBook Pro Protection Pack and the MacBook Sportfolio sleeve. The Protection Pack consists of a restickable, repositionable wrist rest with a cutout for the trackpad to help you keep the bottom of your laptop clean & scratch-free, and a keyboard cover that protects your screen from the keys themselves, oil, dirt and can be used to clean the screen as well (it’s the best keyboard cover that i’ve used yet as far as keeping dust on itself and not just spreading it around.)

The Sportfolio sleeve securely holds your laptop in a zippered neoprene compartment that keeps it safe from scratches and dings. What’s cool about the sleeve is that there’s an orca skin pocket in the front for your iPod or other small device so that you can easily keep something small with your laptop in one package without using a full size case. Sometimes all you need is one extra pocket, and what better place for it than on your laptop sleeve?


These guys made a MAME arcade cabinet from scratch, and man, does it look good!

It’s brain teaser time!

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