Easy Lid.

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The Easy Lid seems like a useful solution to a problem that my girlfriend and I have just about every night: finding tops that fit the (seemingly) hundreds of plastic containers we’ve got to save our leftovers in. Plastic containers are just like socks in the fact that no matter how many you buy, you can still never find 2 that match, and no one knows where they went. It’s gotten to the point where I think that one day in the future, I’m going to find a huge pile of plastic tops, socks, pencils and pens that I put down and didn’t ever see again.

The Easy Lid is simple to use: just place it on the pot, pan, bowl or container that you’d like to keep sealed, press lightly on the center, and it instantly makes an air-tight seal. Now you’ll only have 3 tops to keep track of, instead of 45 that you can’t find. A set of 3 Easy Lids runs $39.99.


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