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If you listen to an MP3 player away from your car or your home, you use earphones. Bluetooth hasn’t made it’s way onto most popular players yet (although it is on some) so chances are, those earphones have cords. You could have some nice earbuds with well-managed cords, but still, all that wire-flopping is terribly annoying, especially if you are doing something like running or mowing the lawn.

Ideally, my iPod would be surgically integrated into my body so the scroll wheel would be on the backside of my left hand, I would be able to see the menu as an transparent overlay of my vision, and tiny speakers would be built into my ears. I figure that it wouldn’t be available until the holidays in ’08, so until then, the iSoundCap will do. The iSoundCap is designed to hold your first or second generation iPod Nano or Shuffle (or any MP3 player of a similar shape and size) right in your hat. Earphone cords come down right from the hat just a few inches to your ear. I was pretty amazed that 1) it’s very well designed and works well and 2) it doesn’t look nearly as dorky as you might think. iSoundCap will soon be offering visors and bandanas as well. I’ll let you know when they are available.


This is easily the best looking trailer I’ve ever seen. If the movie is half as good as this, I’ll probably be seeing it more than once in the theatre.

Also, these things are all over the web right now, but I had to mention this here… Who can say no to a LEGO ® ice cube tray?

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