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New Web Services.

by Chris Coyier

SynapseLife: Suite of mini applications for your web based life. People, Calendar, Broadcast, Lists, Ledger, Favorites, Feeds and Tags. Built for integration with mobiles.

Google Code Search: Google launched this new service for programmers. I’ve heard more good than bad things. Search by language, package, license, and more.

PayPerPost: The new super-controversial service that allows advertisers to hire bloggers to post about their products. Advertisers may stipulate that the post must be positive and whether or not the blogger may disclose that the post was paid for. Yikes. The blogosphere is already too often criticized for low journalistic integrity, this can only hurt.

We would like point out that while FreshArrival does receive products from companies to review from time to time, we are not paid by them to post about them. Our honest opinions are always presented. If a product sucks, we simply don’t write about it. We only only write about One Amazingly Cool Thing, Every Day =). Except today, in which we mentioned one Amazingly Uncool Thing.

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2 Responses to “New Web Services.”

  1. @ Says:

    google code search has been around a very long time

  2. Richard Says:

    Since when? Google Code has been around awhile, but even the official Google blog says that Google Code Search launched on the fifth of this month, right here.