PocketDock Line Out.

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This product isn’t the newest thing out there, but I’ve just recently gotten my hands on one and I’m finding it very useful. The PocketDock line from SendStation crams the basic, most necessary features of an iPod dock into a very tiny space. There are 4 available, depending on your needs: the PocketDock FireWire (which lets you use a standard FireWire cable with your iPod to charge and sync it), Line Out FireWire (which adds a true Line Out output to your iPod), Line Out USB (which lets you use a standard USB cable with your iPod to charge and sync it), and Combo (which lets you use either a standard FireWire or USB cable to charge and sync your iPod). Since the iPod Universal Dock doesn’t give you a true line-out, SendStation also includes a keychain adapter so your PocketDock can go whereever you go, a Y-cable so that you can connect it to a home stereo system, and a 1/8″ to 1/8″ cable so you can connect it to a pair of portable speakers or your car stereo. I’ve been using the PocketDock FireWire in my car to give me the best sound quality possible, and it’s worked like a charm. The PocketDock line runs from $14.95 to $29.95.


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