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Salvor Kiosk.

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Cloudberries. Sounds like something Super Mario would feed Yoshi to make her fly. In fact, they are the most expensive berry in the world. They grow primarily in northern climates like Sweden, Norway, and parts of Russia. The plant is not self-pollinating and efforts to cultivate it have been unsuccessful. Cloudberry jam, or Hjortronsylt, is delicious.

Superb any day of the year, it actually tastes best when you come in with rosy cheeks from a full day of cross-country skiing. Many a Swedish kid has this as a fond memory, and if cross-examined, they would brake down and admit that this is in fact their favorite food.

Where did I find this overseas delight? Salvor Kiosk, an online and offline store in New York. Salvor Kiosk features products from different countries, one at a time, alternating every four or five months. The Sweden session, where I found the jam, just ended and Mexico is featured from September to January.


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Ikea also sells a version of cloudberry jam which my wife, my kids and I totally devour everytime it enters our house. Can’t recall the brand name, but it’s worth the trip to the store, for sure!


The problem with ikea is that they generally just carry the biggest most generic brand of the swedish products. Don’t misunderstand me, I love getting many of the things at ikea, but if you say want a really good knackebrod, you should look elsewhere. Same goes for cloudberry jam… Holy schmoly , what did I just say? Get the jam while finding the better one, even a generic cloudberry jam is truly heavenly!

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