Walter Wall Applications.

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They say wallpaper is in. I don’t know if I buy that, but I do enjoy unconventional wall decorations, and Walter Paintable Wall Applications are certainly that. The pieces are made from a lightweight wood-based material and backed with a peel-off adhesive that will stick to any interior wall or door. You paint your own pieces and come up with your own design, then stick them to the wall. Pretty easy, and the results can be quite beautiful. Circles, Squares, Hex, Teardrops, and Rectangles are the shape choices, and one package contains eight pieces of tapering size for $42.00. One set isn’t going to take you very far though. All the coolest designs look like they take 3-6 sets to construct. Other unusual sets are available like Saucers, Starbursts, and Retro Slats.


These keychains are totally cool… Basic Fun has all sorts of fully functional miniatures, including the Fisher Price Corn Popper, Rock-A-Stack rings, Glo Worm, Super Soaker, and of course, the Etch-A-Sketch.

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