Brando USB MP3 Pen.

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This pen from Brando is the definition of a “gadget”. It reminds me of my childhood, flipping through the pages of a Sharper Image catalog gawking at all the super cool and expensive gadgets. You know, back when the Sharper Image was cool and not just a place for hokey home training equipment and overpriced air purifiers.

The pen is an MP3 player, FM Radio, and Voice Recorder with built-in microphone. It screws apart to reveal the USB connector, which plugs into your computer just like any other flash drive, and comes in 512MB and 1GB models. The battery lasts 7+ hours at full charge and the 512MB model will record 32 hours of voice. I tried all the features and they all work just fine. Now I just need a pocket protector to keep it in. My only complaint is the headphones it comes with. They sound just about like every other pair of cheap earbuds on the planet, but the connector is really tiny, not the normal 1/8″ jack that is the defacto standard.

The 512MB model is $48 and the 1GB is $68. Pen refills run three for $1. Stocking stuffer?


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Very cool gadget for sure. I work for a publishing company that produces 5 different newspapers. This is going to be a must have for nearly every reporter I know. They need a pen for everything and a voice recorder will only make their job easier.

[…] A voice recorder is a common feature on many mp3 players, cell phones, and even some pens. It’s kind of cool, but how often do you really use it? Probably the biggest reason is that it just isn’t that useful for average chaps. However, if you could click a button, rattle something off, and have it instantly emailed to you, that opens a whole new corridor of usefulness. […]

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