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Those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s can easily remember a time when boomboxes were all the rage. JLab Audio is bringing the boombox back in a big way, within a tiny package with the MiniBlaster. Of course there are a ton of iPod docks out on the market that let you instantly turn your iPod into a full blown stereo system, but what about if you want to take your speakers out camping, or to a hotel? The MiniBlaster is an innovative product that docks your iPod nano right on the back of the speakers, packing a surprising amount of sound into a tiny, well designed package. I was blown away by how high I could turn the speakers up before they distorted (at the very highest setting). The MiniBlaster is aptly named, for it will definitely make its presence known in a room.

The current MiniBlaster model fits the 1st generation iPod nano, but I’ve got it on good authority that JLab will definitely be releasing a version that is compatible with the 2nd generation model as well sometime around Christmas this year (apparently Apple moved the headphone jack ever so slightly and the newer nanos won’t fit in the current MiniBlaster). If you’re interested in that one, you can sign up for the notification list at the link below. The MiniBlaster takes 4AA batteries, comes with an AC adapter, a free silicone skin for your nano, and a 3.5mm stereo extension cable so that you can even plug other devices into the speakers. The price is $39.95, in your pick of white or black.


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It doesn’t quite have the same appeal as a boombox, I mean…can you see yourself walking down the street with this thing propped up on your shoulder?

Someone’s gonna get smart and do something like this with the video ipod. But make it in a cupholder form, all it would have to do is pick up broadcasted TV signals, and bam….you’ve just sold one to every golfer I know. Cause I hate missing football games cause I’m out playing a little golf.

There is probably something out there like that, but I don’t know if the video ipod can be adapted to pick up TV like the ipod nano can be adapted to pick up FM radio~

Actually, the MB is way better than a boombox for several reasons…

1. It fits in your pocket.
2. You can play your favorite mp3’s on it.
3. You can take it anywhere.
4. You can walk down the street with the MB blasting from your pocket instead of lugging some enormous hunk of junk on your shoulders.
5. You can skateboard, snowboard, hike, climb, jog, and dance with the MB.

Matt, I don’t think you can judge about boombox appeal. I can’t see you walking around with either one on your shoulder ;)

Oh, and just so you know, as soon as I got it and got some tunes playing, I put it on my shoulder and strutted around the room 80’s style, to the utter amusement of my girlfriend. I just might be the type of person who would walk down the street like that. I’m silly.

They totally need to make a TV Tuner for the iPod. It seems surprising that nobody has yet, at least that I know of. It seems to lend validity to the possibility of a “real” video iPod coming out.

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