Wireless Weather Watcher.

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The 5-Day Wireless Weather Watcher (it says Wireless Weather Forecaster on the site, and Wireless Weather Watcher on the box and manual, so I picked one) is a new product from Brookstone that has made my life just a little simpler for the past week or so that I’ve had it sitting on my desk. It’s filled with easy to read, glanceable information for the current day and the next 4 days. It uses standard icons that represent rain, partly cloudiness, thunderstorms, sunniness and more. The Weather Watcher also shows you the high and low temperatures for the day, current temperature, and the current time. When you turn it on for the first time, it automatically picks up the weather where you are and the weather readings for 4 nearby cities, which you can flip through using a button on the side of the unit.

The Weather Watcher has a stand that allows it to be propped up on your desk, and even contains a magnet so that you can stick it to any metal surface if you’d like. It’s $85 and available at any Brookstone retail store, or from their website. I like it a lot, and am finding that it’s a great device to have around.


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I received a Brookstone weather watcher for a gift. I like it but for my Kentucky zip code they list the local area as Springfield IL. The local 5 cities are BIS, Bismark, DLH Duluth, GRD Green Bay , JEF Jefferson City. On Ambient web site they list Louisville, 125 miles, Nashville 135 miles and St Louis 225 miles from here. It feels to me that they may have had a stratagy to give me far away meaningless readings so I would jump for the $6.95 monthly premium. Just looking for any similar experiences.

[…] I’ve been using the Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub for a couple of weeks now, and it’s a pretty useful device, although it does have its quirks. Recently I upgraded to a much larger desk and decided to rearrange the office at the same time… less stuff on my desk, more shelves… just eliminating clutter in general. I ended up putting the shelving and filing cabinet on the other side of the room, so I’d have a lot more space to move around on the desk side of the room. I’ve got a 24 inch LCD, a 17 inch LCD, Audioengines (a rather large pair of excellent-sounding speakers), a lamp, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, a wireless audio transmitter for some speakers I have in the living room, a weather watcher, my MacBook Pro, and a couple of other gadgets on my desk. I decided I didn’t want to have my iPod, my girlfriend’s Zen W, my Blackjack and our printer on my desk along with all that other stuff. Even though this is a large desk, it’s packed pretty full, as you can see above, and there’s just no room for that stuff. I decided it’d be a great task for the Cable-Free hub, so I set up the transmitter on top of one of my speakers (Belkin recommends that you use the included stand for this) and then connected all of our device cables to the Cable-Free hub, which I placed on top of a bookshelf on the other side of the room. […]

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