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The new AllRecipes.

by Chelsey


If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But if life gives you lemons, yogurt and asparagus, make a creamy fresh asparagus soup with only 158 calories per serving.

If your idea of meal planning is a stack of take-out menus and religious observance of “Taco Bell Tuesday,” then the greatness of won’t appeal to you. But if you cook at all, the site is a treasure trove of information.

AllRecipes has been around a long time, but their recent re-design and new features make them worth mentioning, in my book. The site’s old features – like the ability to search by ingredients you want to use and don’t want to use, and free accounts that let you archive your favorite recipes – are still intact, but now you can also get nutritional information and organize your search results by their user ratings. And there are more pictures and a more user-friendly layout. Once you find a recipe you want, they also give you potential side dishes, a shopping list and the option to print the recipe as a 3×5 card.

Oh, and if you really want to make lemonade, the tips and advice section can show you how, complete with pictures.


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3 Responses to “The new AllRecipes.”

  1. Matt Says:

    I understand Gant charts….thats why I like

    The lime chicked was great.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Glad you like the re-design! A lot of the features that you mentioned have been there for a while… but are not much easier to find. There are even more features coming in the next few months! Stay tuned. :-)

  3. Kevin Says:

    On the last message I meant “now much easier” instead of “not much easier.”